Yemen Haimi اليمن - حيمي

Yemen Haimi اليمن - حيمي

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Origin: Yemen
Market Name: Yemen Haimi
Farm Name: Haimi Farm
Region: Haimi
Variety: Ja'adi
Process: Natural Anaerobic
Elevation: 2100 masl
Roasting Type: Filter
Cupping Score: 88.0

Flavor Profile: Delight in the rich and complex flavors of Yemen Haimi coffee. This exceptional Ja'adi variety offers a delightful cup with vibrant notes of red apple, blackcurrant, and clove. The chocolaty undertones enhance its sweetness, culminating in a sweet, long-lasting aftertaste.

Indulge in a truly unique coffee experience from the high elevations of Haimi, meticulously processed using the natural anaerobic method to preserve its distinctive flavor profile. Perfectly roasted for filter brewing, this coffee promises a refined and memorable taste journey in every sip.