About Us

What is Specialty Coffee?

Specialty Coffee is the highest quality coffee with a score of between 80-100% point scales. The name, Speciality Coffee, is derived because of the microclimates in which it grows that accords the coffee a unique flavor. Specialty coffee is not, however, the commonly called premium coffee or gourmet. It has a full cup taste and has minimal or entirely no defects.

Vision Statement

To be the best specialty coffee roasters and coffee tools seller in the United Arab Emirates as well as the leading supplier of high-quality specialty coffee at consumer-friendly prices.

Mission Statement

Our mission is to spread our coffee in every corner of the UAE, and to surpass the expectations of our consumers by delivering them a fantastic specialty coffee experience with the highest coffee quality at reasonably low prices.

What we do

As an organization, we are committed to offering you with specialty coffee roasting experience. Our coffee roasting is in different stages at different temperatures and acidic levels to suit your needs and give you a distinct flavor.

Our customers love us because they have had excellent experience with our unique roasting process. We are best known by our clients for quality services at reasonably lower prices compared to our competitors.

As our worthy clients, we offer you the best coffee experience by bringing you the highest-quality specialty coffee at your doorstep.

How we do it

Specialty Coffee Roasting- Our services are relatively cost-effective compared to that of our competitors. Our staff is careful and alert about the Drop Temperature (DT), Turning point (TP), First Crack (FC), Roast Development (RD), End Heat (EH), and End Temperature (ET) during the roasting process. Our services are relatively fair compared to the current market prices. Once our client orders the desired quality, we start the process, after which the client may pick the product from our stock or request for delivery at their own cost.

Operational Hours- We are open and operational for 24 hours every day all through the year including holidays, we are reachable through phone, email or website.

Refill, we are here to improve the quality of specialty coffee being offered in the UAE market, transcending our consumer’s expectations and experiences. We aim to make you enjoy the highest-quality specialty coffee wherever you go, always.