Introduction to Coffee (SCA)
Introduction to Coffee (SCA)

Introduction to Coffee (SCA)

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The Introduction to Coffee course is designed for individuals who are new to the world of specialty coffee. It traces coffee's journey from its origins in Ethiopia to its present status as a significant commodity. This course offers a comprehensive overview of the specialty coffee supply chain, delving into subjects such as historical and cultivation aspects, variables influencing coffee quality, the basics of sensory analysis, essential roasting principles, factors impacting coffee freshness, and the fundamentals of brewing. Furthermore, participants will explore the significance of water quality, sanitation, and maintenance. This engaging course also encompasses a cupping session, an industry-specific method for assessing coffee through sensory exploration. Upon completing the course, there is an online written examination to assess your understanding.

Course: 10 Points


Location: Refill Roastery HQ - Al Ain Abu Dhabi

Duration:  5 - 6 Hours