Mexico Grapos Decaf - جرابوس المكسيك - منزوعة الكافيين

Mexico Grapos Decaf - جرابوس المكسيك - منزوعة الكافيين

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Introducing our Mexico Grapos Decaf , a delightful blend meticulously crafted to capture the essence of Mexican coffee culture. Sourced directly from the lush landscapes of Chiapas, Mexico, and cultivated by the esteemed Grupo de Agricultores Positivos, these beans boast a rich heritage and unparalleled flavor.

Our Mexico Grapos Decaf beans are carefully processed using the innovative Mountain Water Decaf method, ensuring a pure and chemical-free decaffeination process. Originating from the pristine waters of Pico de Orizaba, the highest mountain in Mexico, this method preserves the natural flavors of the beans while removing caffeine, resulting in a delectable cup of coffee without compromise.

Delve into a sensory journey with every sip, as notes of roasted almond, chocolatey richness, hints of sugarcane sweetness, and a touch of tangy tangerine dance on your palate. With a cupping score of 83.75, our Mexico Grapos Decaf promises a satisfying experience with every brew.

Whether you prefer a bold espresso shot or a smooth filter coffee, our beans cater to your brewing preferences. Elevate your mornings with the essence of Mexico encapsulated in every cup.

Weight lost during the process is 15%, ensuring optimal flavor concentration and quality. Now available for wholesale and retail, prepare to delight your customers with the exquisite taste of Mexico Grapos Decaf. Contact our team for pricing and ordering information.

Origin : Mexico
Market Name : Mexico Grapos Decaf
Farm Name : Grupo de Agricultores Positivos
Region : Chiapas
Variety : Typica, Marsella, & Bourbon
Process : Mountain Water Decaf
Elevation : 1600 masl
Roasting Type : Espresso & Filter
Cupping Notes : Roasted Almond, Chocolaty, Sugarcane & Tangerine.
Cupping Score : 83.75 point