Ethiopia - Hambella Deri إثيوبيا هامبيلا ديري

Ethiopia - Hambella Deri إثيوبيا هامبيلا ديري

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Ethiopia Hambella Deri

Embark on a journey to the heart of Ethiopia with our exquisite Ethiopia Hambela Deri coffee. Cultivated on the picturesque Deri Kidame Farm in the Guji region, this exceptional single-origin coffee reflects the traditions, flavors, and commitment of the land it calls home.

Origin: Nestled in the fertile highlands of Ethiopia, our Hambella Deri coffee is a proud product of the Guji region. Here, the coffee legacy is deeply ingrained in the soil, creating a brew that captures the essence of its Ethiopian heritage.

Market Name: Known as "Hambella Deri," this coffee is an emblem of the region's dedication to quality.

Varietals: Our Hambela Deri is a harmonious blend of Kurume, Dega, and Wolisho varietals. These varietals, indigenous to the region, contribute to the coffee's distinctive character.

Process: The coffee cherries undergo a unique Natural Anaerobic process, meticulously executed to enhance flavor complexities. This process encapsulates the authentic taste of Ethiopia in every sip.

Elevation: Cultivated at an impressive elevation of 2050 meters above sea level (masl), Hambella Deri benefits from the optimal altitude for coffee growth, enriching its flavor profile.

Roasting Type: We've carefully selected a Filter Roast approach to highlight the coffee's inherent qualities. This roasting style elevates the flavor without overwhelming its natural nuance

Brewing Recommendation: To truly appreciate the Ethiopian Hambella Deri, we recommend a pour-over method. Witness the layers of flavor unfolding in every brew.

Taste Profile: You can anticipate a symphony of bright citrus notes, subtle florals, and hints of tropical fruit. Each sip tells a story of the land, culture, and passion that go into its creation.

Savor Ethiopia Hambella Deri: Savor Ethiopia's rich coffee heritage and the promise of its vibrant coffee future with every sip of Hambela Deri. Experience not just a coffee, but a journey through time, tradition, and flavor, delivered from the heart of Ethiopia.