Costa Rica Los Robles كوستاريكا لوس روبليس

Costa Rica Los Robles كوستاريكا لوس روبليس

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Introducing our latest addition to the lineup: Costa Rica Los Robles! Sourced directly from the El Cerro farm nestled in the lush region of Tarrazu, Costa Rica, this exceptional coffee is a true representation of quality and craftsmanship. Grown at an elevation of 1720 meters above sea level, the Caturra and Catuai varieties undergo a unique Natural Reposado (Aged Natural) process, resulting in a distinct flavor profile that captivates the senses.

Crafted for both filter and espresso brewing methods, our Costa Rica Los Robles boasts a Cupping Score of 86.5 points, a testament to its outstanding quality. Delight in the harmonious notes of milk chocolate, strawberry, red apple, and plum with each sip, showcasing the perfect balance of sweetness and complexity.

Experience the essence of Costa Rica in every cup with our Costa Rica Los Robles. Indulge in a coffee journey like no other and elevate your coffee experience today!