Colombia Quindio Puma كولومبيا كوينديو بوما

Colombia Quindio Puma كولومبيا كوينديو بوما

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Introducing our latest addition: Colombia Quindio Puma coffee, a delightful offering straight from the lush landscapes of Quindio, Colombia. Sourced meticulously from the esteemed Manantiales del Frontino farm, these beans embody the essence of Colombian coffee excellence.

Nestled within the serene Quindio region, at elevations ranging from 1480 to 1800 meters above sea level, our Castillo variety coffee beans thrive in the rich volcanic soils and favorable microclimate of Manantiales del Frontino. Cultivated with utmost care and traditional methods, each bean captures the true essence of its Colombian origin.

What sets Colombia Quindio Puma apart is its unique processing method. These beans undergo a meticulous washed exothermic process, carefully executed to preserve their inherent flavors and nuances.

Upon roasting, our skilled artisans coax out the full depth of flavor locked within each bean. The result is a sensory delight, with indulgent notes of caramel, velvety chocolate, vibrant tangerine, and a subtle hint of vanilla dancing harmoniously on your palate with every sip.

With a commendable cupping score of 85 points, reflective of its outstanding quality, and a weight loss of 15% during roasting, Colombia Quindio Puma promises a coffee experience that is both satisfying and memorable. From its enticing aroma to its lingering finish, embark on a journey of Colombian coffee excellence with every cup.

Origin : Colombia
Market Name : Colombia Quindio Puma
Farm Name : Manantiales del Frontino
Region : Quindio Variety : Castillo
Process : Washed Exothermic
Elevation : 1480-1800 masl
Roasting Type : Espresso
Cupping Notes : Caramel, Chocolaty, Tangerine, hint of vanilla.
Cupping Score : 85 point