Sanremo - Zoe Competition

Sanremo - Zoe Competition

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A solid performer which not only looks amazing on your counter but has a clear shot
timer on each group to ensure you can reliably pump out consistently great coffee.

A shot timer on each group: With shot timers on each group, baristas can see the
actual time that the machine is taking to produce every shot espresso and enables
more control over the taste of coffee.

Pre-infusion: A pre-infusion on each shot wets the coffee before the main extraction,
reducing chances of weak and bitter coffee, helping you to produce a great-tasting

Engineered for great tasting coffee: Single boiler Zoe system is broadly similar to many other coffee machines, experienced baristas quickly realise that the Zoe make more consistent, better-tasting coffee.

Twin SR Rapid steam wands: The unique Sanremo steam tip design makes it as easy as
possible to prepare the fine moussed milk for latte art and with its huge boiler, there is
always oodles of steam available for your busiest service periods.

- Boiler capacity 10ltrs.
- 2 steam Tap, 1 hot water tap
- Electrics: 220/240 –SINGLE PHASE CONNECTION
- Power Input – 3.3 K

Dimension: Width: 720mm X Depth: 528`mm X Height: 537mm