Sanremo You
Sanremo You
Sanremo You
Sanremo You
Sanremo You

Sanremo You

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SANREMO YOU: Single group multi-boiler machine for the professional market.
Designed to allow total control of the extraction parameters.

Customizable Presets: Extraction profiles customizable and storable:

- 6 standard profiles with optimal parameters presets
- 12 profiles completely customizable by intervening in all 3 extraction phases, and
with the ability to totally disable pre-infusion and post-infusion
- Your settable manual profiles directly from the Paddle

User-friendly: The touchscreen display is intuitive with the inspired navigation menus
to the smartphone APPs.

- Quick menu: Choose three extraction profiles which can be accessed with a single
- General menu: all functions are easily reachable, even washing and technical

You are in control:
- Thanks to the front lever (paddle) you can change the pressure however you like
instantly creating curve custom settings
- Monitor the extraction in real time on the display
- Memorize your favourite settings to retrieve them whenever you want.

Tech Data
- Power Input – 3.3 KW
- Power consumption 2.35kW
- Steam boiler capacity 1lt
- Coffee boiler capacity 0.5lt